Terms of Use

These Terms of Use ("Terms") apply to all users of the content service "Multi-language service information page" ("Service") operated by JR East i-STATIONS, Inc. ("We"). By using the Service, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms.

1. Service content, hours of provision, etc.

1) The Service provides online and otherwise multi-language machine translations created with Our system ("System") of train service information provided online and otherwise by business operators that are under contracts with Us ("Our Contractors") ("Multi-Language Train Service Information").
2) The time period during which the Multi-Language Train Service Information is available is substantially the same as the time period during which information from Our Contractors is available.
3) You can use the Service free of charge on the condition that you accept that the Multi-Language Train Service Information consists of sentences produced from machine translation systems and agree that if you incur any damage or loss because of the Service, you will not hold either Us or Our Contractors responsible or claim any compensation. However, telecommunications and other charges necessary to use the Service must be borne by you.
4) We endeavor to provide train service information provided online and otherwise by Our Contractors as the Multi-Language Train Service Information as quickly as is practicable, but the actual services may be different from information provided under the Service. Information provided under the Service should be used only as a rough guide.
5) The Service may be linked freely to any websites except for those set forth below. (All links from other websites must be to the landing page of the Service website. We do not ask to be notified of links from other websites.)
[Websites which the Service website must not be linked to]
- Pornographic websites
- One-click fraud websites
- Websites intended to distribute programs that cause software to execute improper processes
- Any other websites that We consider to be inappropriate
6) We may change the Service content or specifications, or discontinue, suspend or terminate the Service without notice and without your consent.

2. Disclaimer

1) You will use the Service and anything under the Service on your own responsibility, and neither We nor Our Contractors will be responsible in any way for any damage arising from your use of or inability to use the Service, regardless of how it arises.
2) Neither We nor Our Contractors will warrant the integrity or accuracy of the machine translations provided as the Multi-Language Train Service Information under the Service.

3. Prohibited acts

In connection with the Service and anything under the Service, you must not do the following acts (including acts that are suspected of falling under the following items). If We confirm that any of the prohibited acts have been done by you, We will take strict actions without notice, including restricting your use and claiming damage compensation from you. We can decide at our own discretion whether a particular act is or is suspected of being any of the prohibited acts.
- Acts against social norms, or public order or morals
- Acts that infringe the copyright, property, honor, privacy or other rights or interests of Us, Our Contractors or other customers or third parties
- Acts that interfere with the Service operation or defame the Service
- Using the Service for profit-making purposes without obtaining Our prior written consent
- Unauthorized access to and theft from equipment providing and managing the Service ("Server, etc.")
- Acts that place excessive loads on the Server, etc. (including accessing the Service by the use of certain tools, etc., to place loads on the Server, etc.)
- Using the Service for purposes different from those for which the Service is provided, as known from its intended purpose
- Using glitches, etc., in the Service for the benefit of you or third parties and to the disadvantage of Us or third parties, and distributing information regarding such glitches.
- Distributing information regarding the integrity or accuracy of the Multi-Language Train Service Information (regardless of whether it is true or not)
- Providing direct or indirect benefit to anti-social forces in connection with the Service
- Acts intended as or related to political activities or election campaigns in connection with the Service
- Acts intended as or related to religious activities in connection with the Service
- Reprint, reproduction, distribution, public transmission, transfer, accumulation, modification, alteration, translation, adaptation or derivative work creation without Our prior written consent
- Transfer, sale, assignment or other disposal to or for third parties without Our prior written consent
- Allowing third parties to use the Service, whether by sublicensing, lending or otherwise, without Our prior written consent
- Decompilation, disassembly, reverse-engineering and other analysis, and reproduction, editing, alteration and adaptation, etc., of Service data, programs, etc.
- Accumulating and storing Service data and Multi-Language Train Service Information for purposes other than viewing under the Service, or attempts to do so
- Acts that interfere with Our operations or cause inconvenience to Us
- Making unreasonable inquiries or demands to Us and third parties that are beyond Our or their legal responsibility
- Any other acts that violate the laws and regulations of Japan or the country or region you are in when using the Service

4. Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property and other rights regarding the Service are vested in Us or third parties who have granted Us license to use such intellectual property rights, etc.

5. Exclusion of warranties

We are providing the Service with utmost care, but make no guarantees, including, but not limited to, guarantees with regard to its accuracy, integrity, safety or reliability, or fitness or effectiveness for your purposes, and no infringement by the Service of any intellectual property rights, no defects in the Service, and no glitches in the Service. In particular, We make no representations or guarantees that
- the Service will meet your needs;
- your use of the Service will not be interrupted and will be timely, safe and free of error;
- information obtained through the Service will be accurate or reliable; or
- the Service will operate without glitches, and any glitches will be corrected.

6. Suspension

We are entitled to suspend Our provision of the Service without your consent if it is necessary in connection with equipment maintenance or management, services are not available from Our telecommunications carriers, or there are any other compelling circumstances.

7. General

1) Without Our prior written approval, you may not assign the whole or any part of your status under the Service use contract or your rights and obligations arising from it to third parties.
2) We are entitled to revise these Terms without prior notice to you. However, We will provide a reasonable advance notice period if the intended revision is considered to have a significant effect on you.
3) The formation, validity and interpretation of these Terms will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.
4) The Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court will be the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance with regard to any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Service between Us and you.
[Established on March 14, 2020]