12/04/2021 at 09:22
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West Japan Railway Company(Shinkansen) Hokuriku Shinkansen
Update dateLine nameService status
29/03/2021 at 00:00 Hokuriku Shinkansen Notice
Some Hokuriku Shinkansen train service on TSURUGI is partially canceled in light of recent developments due to Novel Coronavirus infectious diseases.

[From Toyama to Kanazawa]
• TSURUGI No. 711: Toyama (10:22)-Kanazawa (10:45)
• TSURUGI No. 721: Toyama (15:17)-Kanazawa (15:40)
• TSURUGI No. 723: Toyama (16:18)-Kanazawa (16:40)

[From Kanazawa to Toyama]
• TSURUGI No. 704: Kanazawa (9:49)-Toyama (10:12)
• TSURUGI No. 714: Kanazawa (14:31)-Toyama (14:54)
• TSURUGI No. 716: Kanazawa (15:05)-Toyama (15:28). *This is a special train.
• TSURUGI No. 726: Kanazawa (20:25)-Toyama (20:48) *This is a special train.
• TSURUGI No. 732: Kanazawa (23:06)-Toyama (23:29)